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The West London Spine Clinic
If you suffer from back or neck pain, sciatica or slipped disc, arthritis or lumbago, sports related Spinal pain or you need to see a spinal surgeon, we can help.

Lead by Mr Damian Fahy, Consultant Spinal Surgeon, the Clinic offers access to:
Spinal Surgery, Physiotherapy, Pilates Training, Rehabilitation, State of the Art MRI Scanning and Radiology, Pain Specialists, Rheumatologist, Osteopathy and Psychology.

Rather than being limited to one building appointments can be arranged at one of several sites, often within 48hours;

arrow The Lister Hospital, Chelsea
arrow Harley Street, West End
arrow Kensington High Street, Kensington
arrow Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon
arrow Ashtead Hospital, Surrey

MRI scans if required can be organized at several different locations throughout London and Surrey often within 24 hours.